2019 Membership


Association Pool Membership

Standard: $350.00

Senior: $175.00

(Includes Pool Membership)
Anyone may become a Regular Member of the Wendwood Association.

A one-time initiation fee of $200.00 required.
This fee may be paid in full or in 5 yearly installments of $40.00.

When the initiation fee is paid in full, voting privileges in the Association are afforded.

Pool Membership

Household: $400.00

Single: $200.00

No initiation fee is required.
No voting privileges.

Application Download

Don’t want to pay online? Please consider filling out our Online Membership Form and then mailing a check made out to Wendwood Association, Inc. to:

Beth Leffel
305 Dominion Dr.
Newport News, VA 23602

Love pen and paper? We’ve got you covered.

320 Dominion Dr.
Newport News, VA 23602