Join Our Pool

In light of COVID-19, we want to keep our pool and deck spacious and welcoming to all our members and their guests. Therefore, we are no longer taking any more memberships for the 2020 season.

Swim on our Team

The Wendwood Wahoos are a small, but mighty. We work hard, learn proper swim technique, cheer on our teammates, and have FUN!

Learn to Swim

Our Wahoos Swim Team Swim Coach, Malia teaches swimming lessons to those who are wanting to build confidence in the water.


We want our pool to be fun a place to visit. We set up our pool in accordance with Phase 3 guidelines keeping social distancing in mind. Guidelines about moving pool furniture and playing in the pool can be found here.

Welcome to our Pool!

The Wendwood Pool is a neighborhood pool located in Newport News. It is a 4 lane, 25 yard pool, home to the Wendwood Wahoos, its competitive swim team. One third of the pool is 3 feet or less, allowing young minnows plenty of room to play. The pool is always supervised by a Red Cross Certified lifeguard. Another third is a little deeper – perfect for hours of pool games. In the deep end, cannonballs from the diving board occur daily. The deck is filled with umbrellaed tables and plenty of reclining chairs, ideal for sunbathing. A separate splash pad allows even the  littlest swimmers to play without being intimdated by bigger swimmers.

Book a Pool Party!

Want to make a splash for your next event? Book a party at the Wendwood Pool! Use our 2500 sq. ft. pool, deck and accompanying grounds to celebrate.

A shady oasis tucked in a quiet neighborhood

Bring a book and relax on our pool deck. 

320 Dominion Dr.
Newport News, VA 23602